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Actor, Producer, Director, Filmmaker,  Photographer, Screenwriter & 
Published Book Author 




ABOUT THE MAN: Julian Starks

Actor, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Photographer, Screenwriter &

Published Book  Author 


"My dream, thus mission in life, is to travel around the world and film and photograph beautiful people, animals, events and destinations. As I explore, discover and document these rich, hidden treasures of the world, I will bring my vision, unique voice and energy to images that bring the world beauties for all to imagine, dream and acquire”.      Julian Starks - 2017

Julian started in Cincinnati, Ohio, in a dance troupe called ‘FLEX’. The group won numerous dance contests locally, which got them recognized nationally. Dancing brought Julian to New York City, where he started his career as an established working actor, having studied under acting teacher legends, SANFORD MEISNER and BOBBY LEWIS. He privately studied with Martin Barter from the Neighborhood Playhouse Theater, as well. 

Julian has worked in many mediums including theater, independent film and national television shows and commercials. Many will recognize Julian from the internationally seen television drama “The Bold and the Beautiful”, numerous national television commercials and movies.


He spent six of those years in New York City as a mobile disc jockey to supplement his acting career, as well. He also started his career on the filmmaking side of the business by attending

The School of Visual Arts where he studied screenwriting and directing.


In 1995, he decided to move to Los Angeles to further his acting career in film and television, having studied with Larry Moss, Ivana Chubbuck and Aaron Speiser. He also

continued his filmmaking education at UCLA's Extension School of Film where he studied screenwriting, directing and editing.


In 2002, Julian invested his creative life full-time to filmmaking by enrolling in THE LOS ANGELES FILM SCHOOL. His concentrations were directing, screenwriting, producing and editing.

In 2004, Julian formed Hollywood Filmmakers Inc., a film production company. His first feature documentary film, “A JOURNEY TO SUNDANCE”, a 13-year torturous-making film, was finally finished in 2021 and released Worldwide. It intertwines the story of Robert Redford and his fabled Sundance Film Festival. It also documents the story of the struggles a filmmaker (Julian) endures to create an independent film and finally, the triumph of presenting it to the public. Julian executive produced, produced, directed, musically scored, co-edited and finally, did most of the on-camera interviews.

In 2012, while filming “A Journey to Sundance”, he fell in love with the still photo and decided to enroll full-time at THE BROOKS INSTITUTE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY in Ventura, CA. It is this medium that best offers us the pleasure of sharing Julian’s love of animals as he presents this, his first volume of photography.


After graduating, he spent much of the last several years following his passion for wild animals by traveling the world to photograph them in both natural and confined settings. He began to appreciate that without sanctuaries and sometimes, unfortunately, confinement, many species would soon perish or become dangerously close to extinction.


To that end, he created VISIONS OF THE WORLD Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company devoted to raising public awareness and to assisting the entities that try to make life for the Endangered Wild Animals as safe and comfortable as possible.


Julian’s first project is “LIFE Behind Bars” Vol. 1, his first Fine Art Photography book.The book was titled after the photographic series that he started in order to honor the beauty of animals in captivity, and to support the many individuals and organizations that have dedicated themselves to caring for and protecting these magnificent beasts. “LIFE Behind Bars” Vol. 1, was released Worldwide in 2020.


He tries to make a difference for these animals by announcing their plight, educating the public to it and by donating a portion of all proceeds to their struggle. 



Visions of the World Inc. cheerfully announces their project “LIFE Behind Bars…Except if you’re Free” Vol. 2 which will focus on the conservation efforts of the Gorillas and Big African Cats in their natural habitat – Africa!


We are dedicating this second book in this series of books to DIAN FOSSEY, whose work regarding the conservation of the Mountain Gorilla’s has been an inspiration for our project. 


Julian invites you to become more aware and to join in the worthy fight to save a place on this earth for these noble creatures to survive! 

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