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Scripts & Pitch Query

The Setup! "Feast of Fools" Teaser Presentation Trailer 

1. FEAST OF FOOLS - crime/drama.  TY and NICK, boyhood friends choose

a life a crime to get power, riches and respect, but on this Christmas night what they end-up getting is jealously, betrayal and murder.

(Feature Script & Trailer)


2. LIFE IS A JUNGLE - drama. MARCO LEONE, an Italian billionaire oil tycoon and avid big game hunter, with no scruples, ends-up in Africa by accident and are forced to take a hard look at his own life. (Feature Script)


3. GAME OF DEATH - action.  After the savage murder of his wife, billionaire STEWART BARRINGTON issues a challenge to the ten most powerful countries in the world. (Synopsis & Outline)


4. PIERCED - horror. In order to become a full-fledged vampire, LYDIA has to make her first human kill. She has chosen that man; her husband, the one sent to kill her. (Short film & Trailer), 


5. OLGA - drama/quest.  A shallow business executive tries to save OLGA, a nine-year-old orphaned Russian/Jewish girl from the homeless streets of New York.    Olga turns-out to be a ________ prodigy.  (Pitch)  


6. MOMENT OF SILENCE - drama.   TAJ and DYLAN fight the memory and legacy of their deceased concert violinist mother, but more importantly, they fight each other for the love of their father. (Script & Pitch)

All materials available upon request

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